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About my afghan crochet patterns:

About my afghan crochet patterns:

NOTE: patterns are DOWNLOADS!!!!

I am sure you will love these afghan patterns that I have designed.  These are PICTURE afghans! Made with basic crochet knowledge!  Not Tunisian crochet and no cross-stitch!  AND the picture shows on BOTH sides!  I am sure you will find something you like.  These patterns are fun and easy to do!  Please note: many of these patterns I designed some time ago, and some of the yarns may no longer be available.  Be prepared to make substitutions.  Feel free to email me and I can help with some recommendations.  I may even have some of the yarn left in stock.

These afghans are cute warm and cuddly!  These afghans make a great baby gift, or a gift for yourself!

All afghan patterns are made for crochet.  The patterns are easy enough for a beginner in crochet to learn but also challenging and rewarding enough for those more experienced in the art of crochet.   

I am no longer offering the kits for these afghans, however I do have a large supply of yarn and if you are looking for some of the yarns meant for these patterns, dont hesitate to email and inquire about them.

Koala Afghan Pattern

Koala Afghan Pattern

Make this cute afghan with my simple to follow patterns. My patterns are written "stitch by stitch". All you need is simple crochet knowledge and YOU can make these adorable afghans too!
Handmade in the USA!

Handmade in the USA!

THINK ABOUT THIS:  Why should the "middle-man" get all the blessings? Shouldn't the people doing the creating be blessed for all the time spent?  Many high priced items purchased in this country are made in other lands for a few dollars and resold here for hundreds!  And who makes all that money?  I can assure you ALL my afghans are HANDMADE by my own hands in my home (often with my family watching nearby!) here in the USA.  And all my patterns are my own designs!

AND PLEASE: all photos on this site are my property, please dont use them without my permission.  Copyright notice:  All material on this site are my own creations.  I own the copyright on patterns and pictures contained within this site.  No material may be used without my written permission.  All pattern purchases grant the buyer to MAKE the item specified for personnal use, but does NOT grant any rights to the pattern itself, including but not limited to photocopying, selling, redistributing, and redesigning.  Thank you.

I Took The Pledge!

I Took The Pledge!

Please be sure to use my "contact us " page and let me know what you think of my web site. I value your "feed-back".

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